Saturday, December 21, 2013

They’ Gone

Yep, they’ gone!

A&E Season WM2



No, not that really “happy, happy, happy”  Duck family; I mean our “happy, happy, happy” First Family. Here they are being sent off on their 17 day Hawaiian hiatus.

Screenshot Studio capture #1595Yep, they gone!

Goodness! We were in such a hurry to start our vacation that Lady M left without her trousers. She boarded Air Force Won wearing just tights. That’s the sort of thing that happens when she’s rushed and she doesn’t get to take her own flight on Air Force Won Too.

a moConsider this Beyoncé Boo-tay shot my Christmas present to you.

Butt I better just shut up about other people’s butts: apparently talking about them can get you in a heap of trouble.


So carry-on everyone: time is short, and there are so many Christmas treats to make.


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