Monday, December 16, 2013

Presidential Sing-Along: Signing Not Required

Big Guy didn’t have to take a selfie with his “lady-friend” for this memorial:

bo mo sandy hook memorial

Big White official photographer, Pete Souza, was on hand to capture us looking appropriately somber and concerned as we lit 20 candles to remember the first anniversary of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder with one of the guns smuggled in the Fast and Furious phony scandal the Sandy Hook shootings.

Then, switching gears - because we’re leaving for Hawaii this week! – we donned our gay apparel and went to the annual "Christmas in Washington" Sing-Along yesterday.

obama-christmas1Some of the ladies wore their festive “Sister Silverheels” slippers

Big Guy pointed out at the annual charity event that while he loves getting Christmas presents, it's “a time to remember the story of a child born to two faithful travelers on earth.” Hmmm. “two faithful travelers?” That sounds a lot like “fellow travelers” doesn’t it?

dennis miller fellow travelerDennis Miller thinks so

I’m confused. Does that mean Big Guy is a Christian after all? Or not?

Butt you’re probably wondering were you saw the lovely frock Lady M is wearing at the “Sing” before: it was at the London summer Olympics. I noted at the time that it was inspired by the Transformers (details at “Wrestling with the Transformation of our Economy,” where I also provided complete construction instructions).

Screenshot Studio capture #1578

Anyway, it was a swell affair, complete with cute elves:

6eefba98259f4abaae39a8b3b260981eElf on far right: practicing for future signing career in South Africa

Adoring fans:


And did I mention, cute elves?

2013-12-15t235939z_291577982_gm1e9cg0lwq01_rtrmadp_3_obamaHey! No twerking!

Okay, enough cuteness for one day. Like the rest of you, I must run as my list is long and the days are short. Posts will be brief through Christmas, butt I promise: we will have favorite Christmas/Hanukah recipe day(s) again next Monday and/or Tuesday, so get ready! Pictures always a plus.

So let’s get out there people: Shop. Bake. And “Sign” along to the Season’s music.

signing the season

“Signing the Season” performed by Thamsanqa Jantjie

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