Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Pen, a Phone, a Ladder, TOTUS: Can Leadership Be Far Behind?

I have to make it short today, as I need to ensure that my batteries are fully charged and that I have plenty of backup. I need to be prepared to handle anything, as I never know what I’m going to need to contend with at the SOTU.


Plus, it always seems like the SOTU runs for hours - sort of like a Hollywood awards show.

Come to think of it, the SOTU is an awards show!

Michelle-Obmam-Oscars_510x317“And the prize goes to…BARACK!!!!”


bo stanley cup“I’d like to thank anyone who helped me kill Osama bin Laden, butt I can’t remember who you are.”

I’ve got to run now: Raj has been tasked with providing the props for tonight’s SOTU and I promised to help. He’s trying to locate a Pen-in-a-Phone that Big Guy can wave around on the podium to illustrate his new leadership style.

“With a pen and a phone, I will rule you.”

It’s not that Raj hasn’t been able to find a pen-in-phone, he’s actually lined up several different models:


Butt they’re all made in China, and Big Guy specifically requested one that’s union made.

old phone and pencilsTop_10_-_Sept_-_9_1

We’re still efforting that request.

Be sure to tune in tonight when we will answer the question: “Can POTUS and TOTUS sell the public on a Pen and Phone President?”

TOTUS-220x220l_png_copy[3]“I think we need to add a few rungs to your pedestal, TOTUS; that’ll turn you into a ‘ladder of opportunity.’ We’ll call you the “Stairway to Heaven.” 


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