Thursday, January 30, 2014

#BigBlockOfCheeseDay: A Totally Processed Cheese Food Product

I hope you took advantage of yesterday’s West Wing #BigBlockOfCheeseDay.

Screenshot Studio capture #1680


Everyone around here sure did.

cheeseheads at workCheesehead Czars and staff hard at work answering Twitter questions on #BigBlockOfCheeseDay

We got lots of good questions tweeted to us:

cheese day min wage

So I guess if you pay a guy$10.10/hr to drop fries at McDonalds he’ll make those fries cook faster.

friesYep, those look golden, brown and delicious to me! Serve ‘em up Jose!

cheeseday wolves

How funny is it that? Secretary Foxx  is working on paths for wolves to cross the road? There’s a fox-in-the-hen-house joke in there somewhere. Or at least a quip about “sheep in wolves clothing,” no?


Besides, we already have “wolf crossings” – they’re called “wildlife overpasses”

wildlife_overpass-wolves2h/t “Nature Adapts” by DougM @ Sondrakistan

Then Jay-Jay weighed in, hysterically, on his caffeine habit and how he takes personal responsibility:

ccarbon copy_thumb[2]  Staffers pay for their own coffee? Since when!? Should I expect a bill?

Then we got a question regarding the young people of America:

val big cheese day

Uh, I hate to correct Val-Jar, butt Ann@ratherbeskiing asked how do we inspire young people “to work in govt.” We already know that government workers know how to have fun:

gsa vegas babyGSA Official in Vegas, baby! And later, taking the Fifth.

And some people enjoyed the #BigBlockOfCheeseDay so much, they’d like to see it incorporated into our public propaganda system:


Screenshot Studio capture #1705Screenshot Studio capture #1703



So we wrapped up our first, historic #BigBlockOfCheeseDay by unveiling this portrait in Cheetos of Big Guy,

baalman-cheetos-obama-romney2Cheetos artist Jason Baalman poses with his most famous Cheesehead portrait

I’m looking into having this encased behind glass in order to protect it for posterity; you know how dangerous it is to have Cheetos around here.

We officially shut down #BigBlockOfCheeseDay at midnight, declared it a total success, and look forward to doing it again real soon. Because not only did we answer a whole bunch ‘a good questions from you, the little people, butt we invested a lot of money in all these cheese heads and we sure to want to get our money’s worth.


MOTUS Cheesehead

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