Sunday, January 26, 2014

No Racism, No Sexism: Just Dancing in Our Judgment Free Zone.

Wendy Davis – The Most Judged Woman in America?  Certainly NOT! That distinction belongs exclusively to Lady M.

A woman who – from the time she became FLOTUS-in waiting - has been judged on everything:

From her posture:

cripes suzette shoth/t Cripes Suzette

To her, uh, “grasp” of proper protocol:

grasping the queenQuelle horreur!!

And her fashion decorum, whether at work:

medal_of_honor_Jared_Monti[8]_thumb[6]_thumb[1]Posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony in honor of Sergeant First Class Jared Monti.

on vacation,


or at play:

michelle obama in nickelodeont kids choice awardsButt who wouldn’t want to be this haut??


Then there was all the judging done about her new hair:

bangsQuelle horreur!!

and the endless judging of her dancing skills:

mo twerks A Titanic Twerk

as well as her Kardashian-esque clothing selections that showcase her, uh, greatest asset:

butt butt buttbutt butt(I realize I haven’t come close to doing this category justice, feel free to post your own fave.)

Of course all this judging is due solely to the sexist Republicans. Just like it is with that sweet, sweet Wendy Davis. Just because she ditched her kids - an ultimately the husband who raised them - to pursue her own ambitious goals doesn’t make her a bad person. That is altogether something else.

So let’s be clear: the only reason people criticize Lady M or Wendy is because, 1) RACIST! or, 2) WAR ON WOMEN!

Because it’s not repeat, NOT, a reaction to the fawning media that had made Lady M into a Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ and turned little Wendy into a world class heroine and role model. As LukeHandCool commented on Professor Jacobson’s fine post:

“We all know many, if not most, politicians exaggerate and embellish their life stories. We get that.

But (and this is a big, big, butt*) … the media made her into a huge, huge heroine, like they were heroin addicts who couldn’t get enough Wendy and wanted to forcibly inject Wendy into our veins, also.

As with Barack Obama … if the media is going to try to transform some mediocrity into the greatest political figure since Churchill and shove her down our throats … expect some huge pushback.

For every action there is a reaction. And when the media subjects us to a huge action of its cheerleading … there will be a strong reaction … especially in the wake of the Obama “smartest leader ever” debacle.”

* footnote: You don’t suppose LukeHandCool is one of us, do you?

Butt don’t forget:  RACISM! SEXISM! WAR ON WOMEN!

And if you’re thinking “hypocrisy” right now, it’s probably because you’re a SEXIST! Or, worse, a RACIST! So let’s try harder people: do we really need to be so judgmental?

judgement free zone

I think not.

no-sexism-no-racism-just-danceSo just knock it off! And dance.


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