Friday, May 30, 2014

“If I only had a brain…”

Today’s reflection: Big Guy form tackles youth concussions. His message for America: youth concussions can cause brain injuries and he’s pretty sure he had some when he was young.

And that’s why, as reported in USA TODAY (that is vying with America’s Newspaper of Record for “typo of the week”) he wants Americans to stop “sucking it up:”

“Moreover, adults need to discourage a ‘suck-it-up’ culture that encourages young athletes to pay through pain, Obama said.”

Because we’re already pretty tough enough and don’t need to “pay” through any more pain.

animals-helmets-mouse-trap-miceWear your helmet, take your government cheese and just shut-up.”

government-cheeseh/t PeoplesCube via Doug Ross

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