Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let’s Debate the Logic of White Privilege

Today we reflect on what passes for debate in the Age of Obama:

No, this is real. Complete explanation in, of all places, The Atlantic: Hacking Traditional College Debate's White-Privilege Problem.

Which begs the question: were this not the Age of Obama, could the soft racism of lowered expectations have so completely transformed the art of competitive collegiate debate?  (That’s a rhetorical question, if anyone’s keeping score.)

Clearly what is demonstrated in the video is not classic debate, where arguments are made and refuted. It’s more like classic performance art; a rant, if you will, of the take-no-prisoners (or breath) variety that made fake TeeVee “news” show debates famous. Highest scores go not to the most rational arguments, butt to the loudest voices and most repetitious recital of the day’s talking points.

Alas, in the Age of Obama, logic is simply another manifestation of white privilege. It must be surrendered at the door to make room for the superior powers of the performance.

me and my shadow redux

Is it any wonder I need a sabbatical?

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