Monday, June 30, 2014

From Piñatas to Panties

I was HOPE-ing to stay warm, dry and out of sight of our mounting scandals, thereby avoiding the distasteful task of dealing with the call for “gently used” underwear for our gazillion new wee citizens from across the border.

Amnesty-PinataWho ordered the 500,000 Trojans?

Butt then Gerard reminded me that I am the Keeper of Lady M’s Fashion Flame and, ever since Madonna, underwear is fashion.


So it looks like I’m going to have to wade into this abyss. Thankfully, Diogenes’ Middle Finger has done most of the heavy lifting (so-to-speak) for me:

Mopanty_pngphoto credit: Diogenes’ Middle Finger

As always, Lady M sacrificed - even though she doesn’t get paid for it - by sending several sets of her surplus extra-large  “gently used”  “un-used” panties to the immigrant relief effort. Perhaps you should send some too. I would, butt I’m a gadget and don’t wear, um, under-garments.

And while I appreciate the efforts of my fellow blogger to bring us the truth,  I do have to question the provenance of the panties in that picture: I seriously doubt those bloomers ever graced our First Fanny because, as you all know, Lady M definitely prefers thongs.  Remember, even post-Madonna, the panties go on under the containment structure.


Well, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it. What’s yours?

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panties for pinatas

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