Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let’s Just Put Everything On ICE For The Weekend

As the long Independence Day weekend continues, I encourage you all to take a break from the daily nonsense we are bombarded with every other day.

Michelle Obama Obama Hosts Veterans Independence KBOZDou38_alThe Obamanistas greet the little people yesterday, gathered to adore them

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Just because Juan Boo-Rock cynically used a 4th of July ceremony for the naturalization of LEGAL immigrants to make a pitch for ILLEGAL immigration and take another swipe at his political enemies is no excuse for you to wallow in it on this lovely summer weekend.

Barack Obama Obama Presides Over Naturalization lulM37sk-ZFl

So, grab yourselves a dog – or two -

bo weiner dog copy

No, I mean a wiener – or two -

bo a boy and his dog

and enjoy the weather. You can wait till Monday to sue him.

dinner with LA leaders bo juanGood coffee, Juan; butt don’t you have something a little stronger?

Juan Valdez for Colombian Pot Assn. Hoping to cash in_4aa04d_3445910ICE the coffee, and enjoy some of our other fine products from across the former southern border.

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