Saturday, July 26, 2014

Except, You Know, I Can’t Sing and You Can’t Dance

nMark Levin takes note of the only time since BO’s Occupation that borders seem to matter:

Specifically: when companies want to relocate their headquarters to countries that are slightly less socialistic then the USSA.

Meanwhile, as our borders are being stampeded in both directions -  “refugees” coming and corporations, who “are not people” so I don’t know why it matters, going, we carry on as best we can. Here are MO and the girls taking a break from the pressures of being the First Family by enjoying the beauty and grace of JayZ and Beyonce at their concert in Chicago. Daddy couldn’t joint them as he was in California, doing the work of the American people Democratic Party.

mo and girlsh/t Gerard, who knows a thing or two about beauty

Sweet couple; and that Beyoncé – what a classy broad! Such a good role model for the girls:


I assure you, not a day goes by butt what Lady M bemoans the fact she and Big Guy could have been the Bey and Jay of Chicago, except for, you know, “I can’t sing, and you can’t dance.”

keep calm stay beautiful…and classy

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