Thursday, July 10, 2014

Somebody Didn’t Get the Memo

Believe me, I appreciate the fact that you adhere to my “no simian references” rule when commenting. I especially appreciate the restraint that is required when dealing with situations that some might take to be flagrant “taunting.”  Take yesterday, for example; when BO was hanging with Governor Hickenlooper and just whistling Dixie past all the grave yards:

bo whistles as he works

As you can see, creeper managed to rein herself in, adhering to the letter of the law if not the intent. Screenshot Studio capture #2116

Butt apparently somebody didn’t get the memo:


Maybe because he was busy, drinking with the white boy. And please, no racist “Hickenlooper” jokes either.


Oh well, it’s clearly not the first memo BO didn’t get: (h/t dchrist81)

bo don't know diddly

UPDATE: BHO reports he didn’t visit the border in Texas yesterday because:

 “I’m not interested in photo-ops.” – Barack Hussein Obama July 9, 2014

Obama-Hickenlooper. doing ad for Wynkoop jpgBO and John Hickenlooper, doing an ad for Wynkoop Brewing Company (founded by John Hickenlooper) July 9, 2014

Ads? Now that’s another story.

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