Saturday, January 3, 2015

If It’s January It Must Be Time To Dog Sarah Palin Again

If it’s January 1st it must be time to do some trolling to see what Sarah Palin has done wrong so far this year. And sure enough - right out of the box she’s been caught red-handed engaging in animal abuse. No, not moose hunting this time; dog cruelty:

0102-sbs-palin-son-on-dog-facebook-4Trig Palin stands on family dog to reach the sink

Eric Ericson, editor of Red State and well known animal rights activist, responded:

Screenshot Studio capture #2395Screenshot Studio capture #2396

Ellen gets a pass though because, well, you know…she’s a lesbian.

Seriously, this is probably not a good idea, butt if you’re going to allow it might I suggest a somewhat larger breed, maybe something like a Saint Berdoodle:

SaintBerdoodleStBernardPoodleHybridDogsHarley5YearsOld5That’s right, a Saint Bernard/Poodle mix; they’re similar to their Labradoodle cousins, only BIGGER. They might stand a chance against child abuse.

st. berdoodle

Butt if you really want to ensure that your dog will be safe from your young children, you could get them a  drivers license - the dogs, not the kids - that way they can make a get-away on their own if necessary.

I say if it’s good enough for our illegal aliens it’s good enough for our doggies. I just better not hear anything about these “undocumented” visitors putting their dogs on top of their cars.

dog on top of car

Or worse…

bo-dogcone copy

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