Sunday, January 4, 2015

Because Membership Has its Privileges

I cannot believe it: the Wons’ 16 day vacation is over and they’re on their way back to the Big White already. It seems like they just left. Butt if the Wons’ vacation is over, so is everyone else’s.

So you’re up to speed, let’s review how Big Guy spent his winter vacation. It’s really amazing how much Big Guy can squeeze into a mere 16 days: 9 rounds of golf (54 for the year, 214 since taking office, if anyone’s still keeping score. Of course no scores were released as they, like college grades, could prove to be embarrassing)

sealed_recordzsAnd because it’s none of your bees wax, that’s why

5 beach trips,1 snorkeling expedition (where the beaches, normally packed this time of year, were swept clean so as not to annoy and inconvenience all those on holiday by all the helicopters flying overhead and the dozens of Secret Service personnel milling around),

waving from the road at obamaBesides, you can wave at Dear Leader from the road as he drives by

1 hike into the mountains, 1 luau with friends, 12 hours at the gym *ahem* working out,

1 phone call to the bride and groom of a wedding relocated due to one of those golf outings (I’m sure the call more than made up for the inconvenience of relocating at the last minute)

phoneEverything is fine: BO still has his phone…and his putter

bo wash crumbles

1 shaved ice outing with Wee Won One,

fruity drinksUmmm – fruity!

1 two and a half hour dinner at Alan Wong’s upscale restaurant where money is no object as long as you have plenty of it, and 1 three hour 17 course meal at a really upscale and exclusive restaurant, the Vintage Cave of Waikiki, where the prix fixe menu starts at $295 per person – although that’s for the ordinary elite. For those privileged few for whom money is really no object, the per head price is much higher. And while membership in such an exclusive club can run you $500k, Big Guy received a complimentary lifelong “diplomatic” membership. Because, you know, membership does have its privileges:

Lady M-Black AMEX Card copy_thumb[2]

Although as a rule that’s not a concept we normally embrace: neither the “membership” part – which is frequently just a dog whistle for racist exclusion - or the “privileges” part – which is, well, you know…white)


Although Big Guy is still a big fan of their jackets:

Screenshot Studio capture #2397Member of the Members Only ® Club since 1980

All in all a good vacation, in no small part because Big Guy pretty much followed his own good advice:

Obama also warned press pool members against imbibing certain drinks while in Hawaii. "Be careful about those fruity drinks," he said.


"They might have a little kick."

So that’s it: Winter Holiday Vacation 2014-15 is a wrap and now it’s time to get back to doing our work to the American People.

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