Saturday, January 10, 2015

Just When You Think It Couldn’t Get Worse…

I was supposed to be on the road 2 days ago, on my way to my winter bunker in Utah. Butt this and that and I was delayed till Thursday, and then this that and the other thing pushed the departure to Friday. And then, well, SNOW! Heeding a heads up from my sister mirror across state that Friday departure might be sort of STUPID due to an encroaching snowpocolypse, I delayed one more day. Fortunately so, as here’s what I missed: a deadly 150 car pile up on westbound I-94 around 9:30 AM.

Amazing what a little snow, a lot of wind and sub-zero temperatures can do to a highway. Add zero visibility, a semi filled with fireworks, a Hazmat truck filled with, well, you know – hazmats, another 148 vehicles and you’ve got yourself a story.

Screenshot Studio capture #2410

Hazmat truck filled with acid, ignites…setting semi filled with fireworks on fire as well:

fireworks truckOh yeah! Those are real fireworks!

Long story short, I’m heading out this morning, assuming that the state police are correct in their estimate that I-94 will reopen early Saturday morning. As such I’m unable to provide much in the line of Saturday morning commentary so you’re on your own. However, I PROMISE to be back tomorrow with all the inside dope on Lady M’s new “Let’s Move” Executive Director; and it’s a doozy!!

So while you ponder the oxymoronic wisdom of Big Guy’s proposal to provide a “free” community college education to everybody “willing to work for it,” I’ll pull on my mukluks and hit the road and begin my research on our newest Food Czar.


Honestly, just when you think if can’t possibly get any worse, it does.


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