Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tigers Never Change Their Stripes

Terrorists Terrorize:

web-paris-8-apShattered Illusions

Weasels lie:

weasels in the house“Yeah, I love you back.”

Community organizers give speeches and take victory laps for other peoples victories:

635562513402159403--DSC6629“Nice Mustang, butt you didn’t build that.”

And yes, we are all “Charlies” now:

je suis charlie

Appeasement does not and will not appease any of them. Butt do not be afraid:


Be prepared. When there are tigers in your neighborhood you are not safe. tread

P.S. An aside to Jean Carré: uh, no - France did NOT give birth to democracy.

john-kerry-APArggg! What was I thinking!?!

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