Thursday, February 12, 2015

You say ISIS, I say ISIL

Well that didn’t last long – our “Strategic Patience” strategy I mean. Now Big Guy wants Congress to give him a  new authorization to use military force. Because he’s demonstrated his ability to handle it so well in the past. The only thing that concerns me is that he can’t seem to decide who or what he wishes to use this new authorization against.

I don’t know how you defeat an enemy when you can’t even settle on what to call them. You say ISIS, I say ISIL, lets call the whole thing off:

Which would probably be fine with Big Guy as he definitely doesn’t want to be a war time president:

"The president has been very clear: the form of struggle against ISIL is not going to look like the deployment of thousands of American ground troops and so forth.

he just wants credit for ending “Bush’s wars” once and for all:

"We also saw having deployed so many troops over so many years that unless the Iraqis congeal and have a kind of inclusive political system and have the military capability on the ground, anything we do is going to be stop gap. So it requires more patience and it's really is going to require more time because the troops are not in a state yet to do the full rollback and to sustain the gains that they make.

So, I guess we’re back to that “strategic patience” strategy after all.

I’ve got an early morning call (my time), so please carry on.

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