Saturday, February 14, 2015

Everyone Lies About Foreign Relations

Do you remember the old Bush color-coded terror alert level?


Big Guy got rid of it for public consumption butt we’ve always maintained a super-secret internal color-coded system.

Following an analysis of Jen Psaki’s interview with Ms. Megyn regarding the unplanned evacuation of the Yemen embassy from yesterday’s post, I think I’ve finally hacked it. The give away was when Jen explains why the U.S. still  trusts Yemeni rebels chanting "Death to America" to be our allies. That’s what’s known in the foreign affairs trade as a little white lie to prevent the citizens from thinking the State Department is run by a bunch of incompetent nincompoops.

After her performance even Charles Krauthammer noted that Jen is woefully underpaid. I take his point butt personally I think minimum wage would be excessive. I’ll withhold judgment until I see how she explains that little suicide-bomber incident at the Al-Asad air base.

Anyway, here’s the new State Department color code that  I’ve finally cracked; use it wisely.

All the Colors of State:

Blue:  guarded, only little white lies required

Green:  low, the lies might be a little more convoluted than normal

Purple: elevated, lies for your own good

Yellow: high crimes and misdemeanors

Red: severe, lies that may change the course of history

Black: Obama level lies – cover your ears and remove the children from the room


Note that additional shades of lies can be projected by the necklace selection;


hence a blue frock accented with a green necklace indicates that the lie of the day is a little more than your ordinary run of the mill simple white lie:

Psaki: No. Not hasty. All planned out. No need to use a military transport for our Marines.

Because we always leave our keys in the running embassy vehicles when we beat a “not hasty” retreat and our Marines always destroy they’re guns before leaving a country “not in haste.”

And here is my final piece of information regarding the secret color-coded system: when no sort of whopper will quite handle the fallout from our “strategic patience” policy (e.g. Benghazi), we pull the ginger-gal altogether and send in the JV team to take the heat.

Bq3voQyIEAAlKFTEnjoy this corn dog while watching our featured movie: “The Innocence of Muslims

It’s not called “Harfing” for nothing.

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