Sunday, February 15, 2015

America’s Greatest Fear: Keeping Up With the Jones

You can tell this is an in-depth story because it’s got an article next to the chart.” – Calvin

Well this article explains everything


Thank you, Pew Research Centre, butt allow me to provide some independent commentary:

First of all, I do not see either “Global Warming” or the equally ill-defined “Climate Change” at the top of anybody’s list. Gaia is not going to be happy. Thank goodness for Asia: at least some people haven’t forgotten that we’re all going to die.

Secondly, “Inequality” – really? The number one fear in United States and Europe? Ahead of economic collapse under the weight of trillions of dollars/Euros in bad debts? Ahead of being the primary target of Islamic terrorism’s jihad? Ahead of our governments growing more tyrannical by the day?

We are to believe that Americans greatest fear is captured by the war on women, McDonald’s not paying burger flippers $15/hour, Walmart not unionizing and Warren Buffet not paying his secretary as much as he does himself? Not that people from Africa, the Middle East and “Latin America” are streaming across our porous borders bringing disease, jihad and illegal job hunters, voters and welfare recipients?

This really is a First World problem.

Third, I’m calling Bullsh*t on Latin America’s number one fear. I simply don’t believe that nuclear weapons are the greatest concern of people who can’t even buy toilet paper.

Fourth, I find it curious that two previous British Dominions, Canada and Australia, seem to have adopted the millennial mantra of “no worries.”

And finally, I’m a bit concerned about the current state of geography education. Unless I’m mistaken, the United States is not a continent; likewise, neither are “Latin America” and the “Middle East.” And while Australia is a continent, as we discussed previously they simply don’t appear to have anything to worry about. I suspect that’s due to their vineyard per capita ratio.

roos_in_vineyardRoos in the Vineyards – that could be a concern, couldn’t it?

Personally, my biggest fear is the government-media complex. Their propaganda program has proved so effective that we’re now regurgitating the fear that they’ve proliferated so effectively.

calvin news shows_thumb[2]

And that, my friend, is a true First World problem.

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