Monday, February 16, 2015

If it’s President’s Day, this must be Aspen – home of the rich and famous

I know somebody asked about the annual ski-trip the other day, butt I was not at liberty to discuss it, as it is not officially happening. Unfortunately, some jerk on Instagram blew our cover:


And Fire Andrea Mitchell ran with it, in a not-so-respectable way:

Michelle Obama decided to get a vacation to Aspen this weekend for a ski trip with the spoiled kids. Palm Springs apparently was’t good enough for Michelle Obama where her hubby Barry Soetoro is fundraising and golfing. Reports about Michelle Obama’s trip to Aspen this year have been almost non-existent. But there were some who snapped some pictures and posted to Instagram and twitter. Here is one photo of Michelle Obama and the spoiled kids arrived on Air Force Two in Aspen.

And then, yesterday, another jerk from South Africa, driving on the wrong side of the road, caused an accident that completely inconvenienced Lady M and the girls on their way to ski – it’s not all that easy to drive your motorcade around an accident on mountain roads you know.

Yeah, yeah, don’t worry, nobody was seriously injured and the South African was not ticketed for driving on the wrong side of the road, which can only mean he’s black or rich, or both. ‘Cuz that’s how we role in Obama’s Amerika.

Other than that, the fifth annual ski trip to the Rockies for the Obama gals went without a hitch: which is to say there was a complete media blackout. Except of course for my annual shot of our Lady of the Snow, disguised as a local peasant, barreling down the hill:

michelle-obama-skiing-vail-aspen-michelles-mirror-sad-hill-newsYes, that’s me following along on my snowboard, as usual, “bringing up the rear.”

We will have to settle for extracts from last year’s coverage:

I can report that we’ve taken a few tumbles this year, only one of which triggered an avalanche:

avalanche-mountain-snowlandscapes-720x1280Lady M down!

Butt she had a soft landing. They’re still analyzing the size of the landing hole, butt it may just be historic.

snow densityMeasuring the size of the…uh, landing pad.

Here is a picture the SS took of Lady M and me, butt as you can see the “front office” redacted portions of it in order to meet federally mandate guidelines:

mo motus aspen 2013 copy

Anyway, so far we’re having a wonderful time. I just hope everyone stays safe because sliding down a slippery slope can be very dangerous.

RAMFNLclr-010812-avalanche-_jpg_cms_h/t Ramirez

So, as you can see – and as Lady M told you the other day - all you do need is Love.

Screenshot Studio capture #2496

And Money and Power; not necessarily in that order.

Happy “President’s Day” to all you peasants! Now get out there and celebrate our imperial presidency in any way you feel is appropriate.



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