Monday, February 18, 2013

Amerika: “Shotgun Down the Avalanche”


Shotgun Down the Avalanche** by Shawn Colvin

As you know, the Aspen photo embargo has been quite successful. The fact that you haven’t seen even so much as a cellphone shot indicates the overall good breeding, manners and political affiliation of the type of people who ski Aspen. That, and the fact Lady M had the SS shut down one of the mountains on Buttermilk to the riffraff in order to assure her…uh, a wide berth on the way down. It’s no biggie: the people in Washington get used to it, I’m sure the skiers here will too.

And, as we have in the past, Lady M is skiing incognito.

michelle-obama-skiing-vail-aspen-michelles-mirror-sad-hill-newsYes, that’s me following along on my snowboard, as usual, “bringing up the rear.”

I can report that we’ve taken a few tumbles this year, only one of which triggered an avalanche:

avalanche-mountain-snowlandscapes-720x1280Lady M down!

Butt she had a soft landing. They’re still analyzing the size of the landing hole, butt it may just be historic.

snow densityMeasuring the size of the…uh, landing pad.

Here is a picture the SS took of Lady M and me, butt as you can see the “front office” redacted portions of it in order to meet federally mandate guidelines:

mo motus aspen 2013 copy

Anyway, so far we’re having a wonderful time. I just hope everyone stays safe because sliding down a slippery slope can be very dangerous.

RAMFNLclr-010812-avalanche-_jpg_cms_h/t Ramirez

**Due to the recent move by the Colorado legislature (thanks to Joey B’s interference inference into the debate) to implement far more stringent gun control measures, you are requested to replace all of the “shotgun” references in Shawn’s song with “hot buns.” Thank you for your cooperation.

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