Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look Out! Incoming Midlife Crisis! BANG!


MO official Portrait

“This is my midlife crisis, the bangs. I couldn’t get a sports car. They won’t let me bungee jump. So instead I cut my bangs here.”

Screenshot Studio capture #950That’s probably a good place to cut bangs.

For the record, Lady M’s new portrait dress is the same one she wore on Rachael’s show (aired yesterday). As you can see, the “bangs” are the same, butt the frock looks different when it hasn’t  been posed professionally:

MO Obama_575

It seems to be a bit bunched up. Not as bad as this one worn back in 2010 though. That was before we nailed the ‘lift and separate’  concept with the boob belt:


As the years grind on pass we are definitely getting a better handle on the appropriate use of undergarment containment systems. And boob belts.

Anyway, can you even believe we’re still talking about MO’s bangs? It’s been a month now since Cripes first revealed Lady M’s diary entry on the makeover to her new iconic look.  

cripes dear diary bangs(Click to embiggen)


“…but (sic) I did manage to get a line item fee schedule put into my new contract which allows me to bill for each time I let myself to be used as a human billboard for one of his pet projects. This month it’s gun control (BANG!) so there’s going to be a little extra in Mama’s next cash drop.” (read more)

your message here copy - CopyMO’s Pay-per-View programming takes off

Still, people - including Lady M - continue talking about the new hairstyle. The last time that sort of thing happened, Hillary Clinton went on to run for Senator (won) and President (lost). I’m not making any predictions, just chronicling historic events.

tumblr_leffv32D9V1qfjgwfo1_400hillary gets a pillow for her back state dept budget hearing

Although I will note that Hilz went from bangs to no bangs. In case that sort of progression means anything.

In closing, I just want to note that Big Guy had a new official portrait taken this week too: and “they” won’t let Big Guy bungee jump either. I wonder what he’s going to do for his midlife crisis?

portraits bo mo 2013

Maybe dye his hair and get a body wax?


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