Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Last August Big Guy admitted we didn’t have a plan to defeat ISIS/L. Then in February we rolled out the Harf plan of “Jobs for Jihadis” to defeat ISIS. Apparently that didn’t work out so Big Guy was forced to admit last mont that  “we don't have a complete strategy yet.

Since then Barry determined that we don’t actually need a strategy after all since “ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas.” So now we’re working on better ideas. Here’s the best of our better ideas so far:

1. Gay marriage, aka #LoveWins:


2. Capitalism: If we can’t kill them with guns we will retreat to our $12 million getaway on Martha’s Vineyard for the month of August and noodle up some better ideas.

obama chilimark vacation cottage 

Hey, just looking at that relaxing estate gives me an idea: Immigration Reform! How about we round up all our uninvited dreamers and schemers and ship them to the Middle East and let them take over their “culture” for a change?

A Win-Win if you ask me. Now all we need is a #Hashtag!

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