Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weiners on Parade

Unfortunately it rained in D.C. yesterday, forcing a cancellation of our annual Big White 4th of July party. Little Mo however waited for the clouds to part before throwing his annual Barbeque for all his little friends (video footage compliments of Blonde Gator):


And for those of you who’ve all butt given up hope: proof that neither Clinton or Bush are shoo-ins. Everyone assumed 8-time winner Joey Chestnut would clinch his 9th straight title in the Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest too. Butt new-comer Matt “Megatoad” Stonie stunned the competitive eating world yesterday by downing two more wieners than Joey.

nathan's 2

And allow me to apologize straight-away to anyone likely to be offended by what they may consider my inappropriate use of “Clinton” and “wieners” in the same paragraph. And speaking of Weiners, don’t even get me started on Anthony!

wir081213weinerdomAnthony Weiner, always up for a good holiday parade.

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