Saturday, July 11, 2015

Requiem for a Flag. And History

Yeah, that’s right: all this for a damn flag

In the mistaken belief that denying history is the same as making it go away, the Confederate Flag was laid to rest yesterday by a coalition of States’ Rights deniers and 21st Century Orwellians.

In a breath-taking act of self-censorship the South Carolina Assembly voted to refrain from exercising their freedom of expression and banished the flag from the capital. Forgetting, or ignoring, the actual history of the Civil War in favor of a version that makes it all about slavery is all very au courant. And it’s a cute trick: by denying history you have the power to change it. If it works for Iran, surely it can work for us:

Holocaust Denial and the Iranian Regime In Tehran's worldview; if six million Jews didn't die, then Israel has no excuse to exist. WSJ

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Oh sure, I know – “butt MOTUS, the Joan Baez version!” Sorry, not only did The Band do it first, they wrote it, and Levon Helm (RIP) owns it.

So put your Confederate flag away and get your dog whistle out, you’re gonna’ be needing it.

oscar-meyer-weiner-whistle1Warning! Choking hazard.

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