Monday, September 28, 2015

There’s a New Sheriff In Town and His Posse is Hunting ISIS


Hillary (and Bill) blame the vast rightwing conspiracy (again) for all her troubles (lies) .

Boehner blames the “false prophets” (in the Republican party) for all his troubles

Putin, however, blames nobody. He just deftly grabbed the reins of world power after they were tossed aside by Big Guy. After a summer that saw joint Russian and Chinese military exercises around the world, and numerous Russian fly-byes over U.S. waters and territories, Vlady stepped forward to confidently announce his coalition with Syria, Iran and Iraq against ISIS. What the heck, somebody had to do it. And it sure as heck wasn’t going to be us:

 Obama-Syria“Syria, Syria…oh right! That place in the Middle East where we’re arming the ‘moderate’ jihadis!”

In a show of decorum seldom displayed by our own political leaders - who are constantly either finger pointing or crying – Putin declined to dump on his geopolitical adversary when given the opportunity by 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft: “Do you think (Obama’s) activities in foreign affairs reflect a weakness?”

“I don’t think so at all,” the Russian leader said on CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

“You see, here’s the thing. In any country – and in the United States I believe this happens even more often than in any other country – foreign political factors are used for domestic political battles,” he said. – The Hill

Then, in three paragraphs, he outlined a more cohesive Syrian strategy than Big Guy, his various Secretaries of State and their rah-rah girl band – have been able to do in three years:

barbie-harf Barbie Harf, lead singer for the Harfy Girls (now disbanded)

(Putin) stressed that there is only one regular army in Syria and that is the army of Syrian President al-Assad. He is confronted with what some of Russia’s international partners interpret as an opposition.

In reality, he said, al-Assad’s army is fighting against terrorist organisations.

“You should know better than me about the hearings that have just taken place in the United States Senate, where the military and Pentagon representatives, if I am not mistaken, reported to the senators about what the United States had done to train the combat part of the opposition forces.”

“The initial aim was to train between 5,000 and 6,000 fighters, and then 12,000 more. It turns out that only 60 of these fighters have been properly trained, and as few as 4 or 5 people actually carry weapons, while the rest of them have deserted with their American weapons to join ISIS. That is the first point.”

“Secondly, in my opinion, the provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law and the United Nations Charter. We have been providing assistance to legitimate government entities only.”  InfoWars

In other news, the White House said Putin is “desperate” to sit down with Obama. Right.

obama putin2Oh yeah, let’s do this again.Because we don’t have enough man-spreading around here.

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