Friday, October 2, 2015

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Episode 178

In a lecture filled with lies Barry told us yesterday that mass shootings are “something we should politicize,” as if we haven’t.

A visibly angry Obama blasted Congress for being unwilling to change the nations (sic) gun laws in response to a wave of mass shootings that have cast a cloud over his presidency.

I guess we are all to agree with his flawed logic, submit to his will and by-pass the do-nothing Congress that we elected as stipulated in the Constitution because we need some common sense gun control laws; like repealing the 2nd Amendment. Because, you know, Obama’s Amerika: and we don’t want Barry to look bad.

I don’t know about you, butt I would be more inclined to listen to a President lecture us on “common sense gun control” if he weren’t the president that armed a Mexican drug cartel:

fast and furiousguns fast and furious

And gave Iran, the single most important state sponsor of terrorism in the world, the go-ahead to build their nuclear bomb. Now that’s something some of us think should be politicized. Because, you know, they’ve announced their intent to annihilate Israel. What a bother.



Butt so far all we hear is silence. Deafening silence.

netanyahu UN

This President has every right to be visibly angry about our lack of gun control.

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