Sunday, November 1, 2015

What Time Is It? Time To Go Forth and Spread the Word.

“Gaslighting” This is not a new video butt as each passing week and month indicates, much of America has yet to get the word.

As Bill Whittle explains, “gaslighting” is a term derived from the movie by the same name in which a husband seeks to get his wife out of the way by having her committed. He does this by repeatedly denying her reality; by telling her that things she has seen and heard really didn’t happen, or didn’t happen the way she thinks they did. In the old Soviet Union this was known as agitprop.

Be sure to take notes; there will not be a test butt there are a lot of brethren out there who still need to learn the truth of the lie.

So go forth and spread the word, because sociopaths are dangerous to our health and replacing one sociopath with another simply accelerates the speed with which we commit collective suicide.


And now, an important Public Service Announcement: NASA is in dire need of a FORTAN programmer. Paging JanicetheElder, Mr. Creeper and anyone else who still possesses this arcane skill. NASA forgot to upgrade Voyager’s programming as it was too busy shifting its emphasis to a Muslim outreach program.


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