Monday, December 28, 2015

“Colored” Guns Are Racist

It’s not lost on anyone that the biggest supporters of gun control are those who have other people with guns employed to protect them. – Bearing Arms 

guns-make-us-less-safeWell, it may be lost on “those who have other people with guns employed to protect them.”

Take Virginia’s radically anti-gun governor Terry McAuliff for example; his Attorney General recently moved to rescind reciprocal concealed carry permits with 25 states. In retaliation, the GOP legislature is now threatening to pass a bill that would  remove the  Governor’s armed protection unit.

Seems fair, and aren’t we all about being fair? Leveling the playing field? It might be time to remind these elected second-amendment-right-grabbers that they’re elected to serve the public, not to be our Royal Masters. 


So let’s play a little game:

Question: how many armed SS agents do you think accompanied Big Guy and the fam on their annunal shave-ice outing to Island Snow?

(side note: following the Cruz family brouhaha, no pictures of the Wee Wons accompaning daddy to Island Snow were released by any of the major news outlets. Butt I’ve got one:)

Screen Capture #051

Returning again to Island Snow, near the home where the first family is vacationing in Hawaii, Obama ordered a cone with melon, cherry and lime syrups. –Yahoo

Answer: 4 visible and 10 concealed behind the pineapples.

shave ice

Why? Because without guns no matter how many guards you have…


They’ll all fall down.


And for the record, Barry rejected the special flavor Island Snow made for him:

He passed over a flavor the dessert shop had created especially for him: Snowbama.

The Snowbama cone is rainbow colored, signifying the strides for gay and lesbian rights made under the Obama presidency. – Yahoo

And he didn’t accept this special rainbow colored gun specially made for him by Crayola either.

gay gunDefinitely a homophobic gun, probably racist as well

Although the AR-15 remains the most racist gun of all:

AR15discrimnation-it's because I'm black

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