Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Little Man, Big Head

In case there’s anyone who still thinks Rahm willingly left Big Guy’s employ as Chief of Staff to spend more time with his Chicago family: Al Sharpton, Barry’s go-to-man on race just called for Emanuel’s resignation. That should clarify the break up once and for all.

luv ya broI love you bro, butt it’s time to go.

Yes, it’s true; the one time street agitator who was single handedly responsible for destroying the reputation of an innocent NY prosecuter by falsely accusing him of raping Tawana Brawley,

rev al sharpton -Tawana-Brawley-1

of instigating a riot against white owned Freddie’s Fashion Mart, resulting in the death of 8 people,

sharpton fashion mart

who stoked black rage after a Hasidic Jewish driver accidentally killed a young boy with his car and at the funeral railed against “Jewish diamond merchants” who “run down young boys” 

20110818-al_sharpton.crown heights

  is now the country’s most important black leader.

So it was only a matter of time before Big Al and Big Guy would form a mutually beneficial admiration society to fundamentally transform America.

“He’s calculating ... he gets the game.” Sharpton recently told an associate when asked about why he’s bonded with Obama. Politico


Naturally The Rev would be the designated hitter to take Rahm out of the game and get Big Guy’s hometown back in the fold before the next election. And so he was dispatched to  "Morning Joe"  to opine that “I've never seen this kind of detachment in the years I've been fighting…”

obama-makes-statement-on-james-foley-isis-beheading-rushes-play-golf-marthas-vineyardReally, Al? 

So let’s just say that the former street agitator - the little man with a big head whose power reflects an inverse relationship to his abilities – will continue to rule the roost for at least another year.

USA NEW YORK OBAMA NATIONAL ACTION NETWORKLittle man, big head; your choice

P.S. Many thanks to Doug Ross – we’re all winners on this bus!

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