Thursday, December 31, 2015

Filtering the Internet so you don’t have to: 2016 is SO 1984 all over again.

I see that Google Chrome is introducing a Trump filter which allows you to enjoy a Trump-free internet. I’m not sure what the price-point is for this feature butt I’m sure it will be worth it to people who won’t be voting for The Donald anyway and just don’t want to be bothered.

trump filterI believe this “feature” is known as a “trial run” in government circles.

Butt if they want to sell more of these “featured filters” they should so have a conversation with some of their other stakeholders.

For example, if they could come up with some filters that would guard against people who regularly break the internet they might have something worth calling a presser to announce. I understand why an Obama-free filter for the duration of the occupation would prove to be problematic just try to walk that back after it slipped out; that would so be a micro-aggression.

Butt there are a few other filters that I think could be a commercial success; for example, what would you be willing to pay for a Kardashian filter?


Especially if there was an optional enhanced version that included filters of anyone associated with the K’s either by marriage, divorce or political affiliation. I think with that secret sauce thrown on it would sail right past the PC gatekeepers.


And if we could get a filter that would zap all the man-spreading going around the intertoobs I’d sure sign on, wouldn’t you?

Screen Capture #052Man-spreading, Obama style

I mean, it’s not so much the space as it is the physicality:

caitlyn-jenner-2Whew! That Caitlyn person is sure giving me life!

Anyway, speaking of filters and bans, I see Michigan’s Upper Penninsula Lake Superior State University has released it’s annual 2016 banned words list. So, try not to use them any more, ok? Here they are:

so, conversation, price point, problematic, stakeholder, secret sauce, break the internet, walk it back, presser, man-spreading, vape, giving me life, physicality.

I skipped “vape” because there seems to be some controversy: while Lake Superior State banned it, the Oxford dictionary just named it “word of the year” so you’re on your own with this one.

11055710_806688242754759_275417770_nAll you need is a pen and an e-cig


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