Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bad Water and Wedgies

It’s hard to get the truth on anything from anybody anymore. Take the Flint, Michigan water crisis: now we know the rest of the story.


Here is the Cliff notes version:

 The Flint water crisis is the result of a Keynesian stimulus project gone wrong.

Who could have figured that switching to a parallel water pipeline being built by a private company might actually cost more than staying with the Detroit water system?

Documents that have just resurfaced show that the then DWSD Director Susan McCormick presented two alternatives to Emergency Manager Ed Kurtz that slashed rates for Flint by nearly 50 percent, something that made Detroit far more competitive compared to the KWA deal. "The cliff notes version," she said in an internal e-mail to her staff, is that the "proposal offers a today rate of water for Flint/Genesee of $10.46 as compared to $20.00 paid currently per Mcf—48% less that could be realized nearly immediately and even more when compared to the increases coming with KWA." In fact, when compared over the 30-year horizon, the DWSD proposal saves $800 million or 20% over the KWA proposal, she pointed out.

And that was before the quantum ineptitude of local government resulted in a water supply that looked like this:


Butt our government overlords always know what’s better for them us. And you know - INFRASTRUCTURE! We need more of that. Seriously, read the whole thing.

All of which demonstrates why the only cure for this governmental quagmire is Bernie Sanders – the only candidate advocating for more government than Dear Leader.

And since I’m handing out reading assignments you might enjoy the Z Man’s take on The Donald phenom Jocks & Nerds:

The public is looking for the candidate that can fix the issues of greatest concern to them. They look around and feel like guests in their own country. The two parties want to spend all of their time debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, while millions of foreigners pour over the border. I suspect most Trump supporters would like a better candidate, but they will go with Trump if that means addressing their top concerns.

…I see two camps. In one camp are those having fun watching their guy give wedgies to the nerds. For the first time in a long time, they feel like the guy running for office knows something about their life. The other camp is in shock, believing that if they just huddle closer together, the storm will pass. (h/t: Larwyn’s Linx)


That’s all for today, carry on troops.

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