Thursday, January 28, 2016

Submission Thy Name is Islam

What happens when America stops expecting its immigrants to assimilate to our culture and instead assimilates to theirs? Well, you begin by installing footbaths at universities so Muslims will stop washing their feet in the bathroom sinks and you take it from there. Eventually the rights and rituals of the minority Muslims take presedence over the rights and rituals of the country’s majority Christians.

For a closer look at how the world’s most advanced civilization submits to the will of the world’s most retrograde civilization we need only look to Europe. In the past week two stories exemplify the death spiral the West has embraced.

First from Britain, where polygamy is illegal butt perfectly acceptable under Sharia law, men with more than one wife will now qualify for extra benefits under the State’s universal credit welfare system.

polygamy in londonHassan with his 3 wives and some of his kids

Because British citizens who outlawed polygamy should pay for refugees who don’t acknowledge their law. And want to replace it with their own.


Next we have Italy, where Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's visit caused Italian officials to cover ancient statues with white boards so as not to offend his sensibilites with their nudity.

28Rouhani-w covered statues italy

The statues, in a corridor leading to a grand hall in Rome’s renowned Capitoline Museums, were encased in tall white boxes ahead of a news conference that Mr. Rouhani held on Monday with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy. One of the statues was the “Capitoline Venus,” a Roman copy of a legendary fourth century B.C. work by Praxiteles; some of the other sculptures were of ancient Greek and Roman gods, dressed minimally, if at all.

Many Italians were offended, butt that didn’t seem to matter.

“The problem is that those statues — yes, those icons of classicism and models of humanism — are the foundation of European and Mediterranean culture and civilization,” the columnist Michele Serra wrote in La Repubblica. To conceal them, he wrote, “is to conceal ourselves.”

And even horse statues were not immune:

One newspaper even reported that in the grand hall at the Capitoline where the two leaders spoke, the lectern was placed to the side — not the front — of an equestrian statue of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, apparently to avoid having images of the horse’s genitals appear in news photographs.

28Rouhani-w look ma no genitals  “Look ma no genitals!” The horse I mean.

So again I ask, what happens when you stop expecting your guests, invited or otherwise, to assimilate? Answer: you are the one who will be assimilated.


So you may as well submit as resistance is futile.


Or is it?

second amendThe original Homeland Security

I will not submit, how about you?

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