Friday, January 15, 2016

Making America Great Again: One Bucket of Popcorn At A Time



Welll that was worth the carb overload. Far more entertaining than any of the Saturday night re-runs of the Bernie-Hill show. It does seem like the R’s could use a few less candidates while the D’s could use a few more. Maybe the Dems should draft Kasich and Bush, who might be more comfortable on their stage anyway.

As last night’s GOP debate wrapped up there were still technically 12 candidates in the running. It should be noted that none of the dozen are subjects of an FBI investigation while a full 50% of the Democratic roster bears that distinction.

USA-ELECTION/DEMOCRATSThe Bernie-Hill Show: Guaranteed 50% felon-free

You’ve all seen or read the highlights from last night’s debate, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all of the  candidates various talking points by now, so I’ll just share a few random thoughts that drifted through my carb-fogged brain:

When John Kasich finally calls it quits he can probably get a gig demonstrating the Vitamix 5200 at his local Costco:

Jeb Bush looked a bit tighter than usual, perhaps he’d had a few shots beforehand: Botox, Juvederm, or Jack.


Christie’s hair looked sort of weird, with an odd lump that kept popping up on the left side.


Seriously, don’t ever go for the dubious distinction of “funkiest hair in the room” when The Donald is present. Or Lady M for that matter.


Aside from that, I understand that the two leaders going into the debate were the two leaders coming out: Trump and Cruz. So I leave you with a pull quote from each of them.

From Trump: “We can't be the Stupid Country anymore.”

From Cruz: “…the Constitution hasn't changed.”

If we keep these two things in mind we just might be able to Make America Great Again.


This message brought to you by the Party that thinks America was a great idea, not a blight on the world.

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