Monday, January 11, 2016

Forever a Starman: RIP David Bowie

The man who practically invented alter egos has departed planet earth.

david bowie

RIP, David Bowie, whoever you were; and thanks for the memories:

From Happy Anniversary Hub!

Around here, where alter egos abound, we’ve been Bowie fans for a long time. Remember this golden oldie, still gracing my sidebar, from my early days as Lady M’s Mirror Of The United States:


Just think, without Ziggy Startdust, there might never have been a Madonna, Lady Gaga or President Obama. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with alter egos…butt I guess there’s a downside to everything.

alter egos in sun glasses

Dedicated to the proposition that change can be a good thing, in the right hands: “Just gonna have to be a different man.”

tarantula-nebula-hubble“My God! It’s full of stars!”

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