Thursday, March 17, 2016


You’ve probably been wondering what Lady M’s been up to while we’ve been preoccupied with Republican debates, Republican primaries, rioting in the streets and the future of America. Well, there’s big news: MO is positively NOT going to run for president! (Unless, you know, she’s drafted or something.)

I know how disappointed you must be, as are the rest of her fans. She broke the devastating news yesterday at the South By Southwest conference in Austin where she delivered another keynote address (Barry, you  may recall, delivered the key keynote last Friday during Nancy Reagan’s funeral.).

mo full viewMy what an interesting…what, dress? Uniform? Apron? Whatever.


“First Lady Michelle Obama’s keynote at SXSW brought an all-star panel together for a broad discussion of music, activism, and diversity.”

Music, activism and diversity: the three most important elements in society these days. And Lady M , there to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative, sang a little Boyz II Men for the crowd thus demonstrating how to combine all three.

Mo halfway to the moonI told you it was an…interesting frock, didn’t I?

Well, I’ve got to run; I let Raj talk me into hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party and I’ve got to go make Reuben Eggrolls (whoops! sorry: cultural appropriation alert).


And get the Guinness tapped:


Because what better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in America than with homemade Jewish-Chinese food, topped off with a black beer, set to a background of bagpipe music? I think Lady M would be proud: music, activism and diversity.

obamabeer guinness


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