Saturday, May 28, 2016

Getting Tired of All That Hopey Changey Crap? Feel the Bern.

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: I am sure that you know about this topic: various leftist governments, especially the populists, are in serious trouble in Latin America. The socialist model in Venezuela has the country near collapse. Argentina, also Brazil, how do you explain that failure?

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: You are asking me questions…

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: I am sure you’re interested in that.

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: I am very interested, but right now I’m running for President of the United States.

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: So you don’t have an opinion about the crisis in Venezuela?

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: Of course I have an opinion, but as I said, I’m focused on my campaign.

Butt, butt, butt…you’re running for President of the United States in order to turn it into a socialist paradise like Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela. Couldn’t you take a moment to explain how that will work?

Venezuela_loo_roll_3185427cWaiting in line in Caracas supermarket to buy toilet paper – looks pretty social!

And shouldn’t someone running on a socialist revolution platform be happy to explain that ideology?


And what it might take to “make a political revolution?” In order to “feel the Bern?”

ferguson burns

Butt honestly, with the right campaign, you can sell just about anything in P.T Barnum’s America. (trigger warning - literally) Shoot, remember this golden oldie?


So now’s no time to be shy Bernie, tell us how it really works. Before the angry mobs take over to make America Great Again.


Because they’re sick and tired of all the hopey changey crap.


I “wrap up” this special edition post with a question for the Socialist Democrat candidate from Vermont by way of Brooklyn: Why can’t you do this in Venezuela?

tp shooter

Since Bernie is still focused on his campaign he is unavailable to answer for himself, and if you really want to know you’ll have to elect him in order to find out (h/t Nancy Pelosi).

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