Friday, May 27, 2016

Hiroshima: Dude, that was like 71 years ago!

Thankfully Barry didn’t quite apologize for dropping the bomb when he went to visit Hiroshima. He did take the opportunity to call for a nuclear-free world though - which is about as realistic as a gun-free America, another of Barry’s pipe dreams (literally).

coke pipeAn efficient pipedream delivery system

Butt reality has never entered the picture when Barry has a Dream. And a nuclear free world world has been a dream of his ever since he was a young pup and “researched” the topic for his debut journalism thesis at Columbia’s Sundial.

 “It’s naïve for us to think…that we can grow our nuclear stockpiles, the Russians continue to grow their nuclear stockpiles, and our allies grow their nuclear stockpiles, and that in that environment we’re going to be able to pressure countries like Iran and North Korea not to pursue nuclear weapons themselves.” – DFD, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Actually what’s naïve is to continue to believe the flawed logic of a college activist – who couldn’t be bothered to attend classes - turned community organizer. Unfortunately College Barry’s nuclear free world thesis was not one of the issues he “evolved” on. So like many certifiable geniuses, a case could be made that Barry also did his best work while still in his 20’s.

young bo obama stoned 1981 NY

Certainly his Hiroshima “trip” to “honor all war dead” was not one of his best moments. Given the well-documented barbarity of the Japanese Imperial Army, many considered his gesture a cynical claim of moral equivalency. And naked narcissism.

Obama’s narcissism, his zeal for photo opportunities with him at the center, whether in Havana or Hiroshima, too often overcomes lesser concerns — like the best interests of the country. He puts his vanity before our nation’s pride.

Butt hey! We don’t need no stinkin’ nuclear arms! We’ve got luv and good intentions! And Coke!

Let’s Par-tay!!


Because what difference, at this point, does it make?

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