Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bring The Bricks.

 brick loader

I’d like to file another anecdotal pre-election enthusiasm report from fly-over America. Yesterday Raj and I took a mini color tour on the backroads of the mitten state. To be fair I should point out that we steered clear of urban areas and stuck to back roads through little burgs and farmland – natural Trumper habitat. Nevertheless, during a day long trip that included no backtracking I saw a grand total of 3 Hillary signs and too-many-to-count Trump signs – literally dozens. Let’s hope that this severe enthusiasm gap translates to votes.

You may recall that a few days back, following a righteous rant, Betty Ann the Deplorable reminded us that PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE ARE DANGEROUS. And in BA style added: I cannot wait to throw my brick on November 8th.

So I’d just like to encourage everyone to get your bricks lined up (metaphorically speaking of course) for Red Brick Tuesday.

red brick tuesday

Bring the bricks. Build the wall.


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