Monday, October 17, 2016

Collusion, Corruption; the (new) American Way

We all knew there was collusion between Hillary’s campaign and the media. Wikileaks confirmed it and now Sharyl Atkinson has documented it. 

And how could you be sentient and not think there was collusion between Hillary’s campaign and the DOJ?

And the Clinton corruption? Where do you even start? Where does it end?

I’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh for years and he’s always said he’ll tell us when it’s time to panic; just last week he said it isn’t time yet. Butt what if he’s wrong? What if he’s wrong and Sheriff David Clarke is right?

sheriff clark pitchforks

I’ll give Rush through the election to see if he’s still got his finger on the pulse of the conservative nation. In the meantime I’m going to keep tabs on Sheriff Clarke’s Twitter account (at least until they take it down). And when I’m done cleaning up the yard today, instead of storing my garden pitchfork away for the winter, I think I’ll get it sharpened. And perhaps I should get a gallon or two of tiki lamp oil.

Then I’ll see about getting the old band back together.

grapes of wrath_thumb[2]

And I think I’ll crank up my wine production this year. In case there’s a shortage during the revolution.

pinot grigio_thumb[1]sauvignon blanc_thumb[1]

cotes du potomac_thumb[1]

war revolution see the differenceSee the difference?


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