Thursday, October 20, 2016

De-bait Night

It’s late and I know many of you get up early. So this isn’t a post-debait wrap up (srdem65 promised to do that for us, if her head didn’t explode while watching) just an early morning open thread with a few random observations:

  • Wrap up from the Fox team: All Britt Hume and Juan Williams wanted to talk about was Trump’s reluctance to give carte blanche to the election results. And why should he when we have Project Veritas evidence that there is planned voter fraud occurring as we speak?

voting_dog1Of course I’ve got my papers.

Besides, if questioning the result of an election is so unAmerican why is that old love poodle, Al Gore, still considered  an American hero?

gore-having a goricalThe love poodle, having a Gorical

  • All Megyn Kelly wanted to talk about was “the Trump accusers” because…I don’t know why. Because Trump is mean to girls? Because he said “pussy”? Because she actually enjoys mud wrestling?  My prediction for Megyn’s next stop: Access Hollywood.

accesshollywood33I think she’d fit right in. And Billy Bush is gone.

  • I thought all the post-debait discussion would evolve around Trump’s statement that he’d appoint all pro-choice Supreme Court Justices and he expected that the Court would then reverse Roe v. Wade and toss abortion back to the individual states to decide. In other words abortion may remain legal (in some states) butt it is not a constitutional “right.” As of 12:22 am I’ve not heard one person say this is a BFD (h/t Joey Biden). Just a year ago that would be the only thing the MSM would be talking about.


  • Donald Trump called Mexican drug lords “hombre.” Not as bad as “pussy” butt still, it’s got to be some sort of inappropriate appropriation; or at least a trigger. Which means we’re going to need a new safe space.

hombre safe space

  • I liked Hillary’s response to Chris’ question about her Wikileaked  quote from her $225,000 speech to a Brazilian bank: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” She said she was talking about energy. At least she didn’t blame Lincoln this time.

scram bo and hill signed abe lincolnApologies to Cripes Suzette for modifying her original concept

  • Second Amendment: Hillary was for it before she was against it. And now she’s for it again; except when she’s against it. Any other questions?

second-amendment-patch2 birds, 1 stone

I don’t know about you butt I’ve definitely decided who I’m voting for: it’s the badass Hombre. He’s rough butt he’s honorable.


If you squint hard enough, Donald Trump looks just like Paul Newman.

This is MOTUS, the most deplorable mirror in the America, and I approve this message.

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