Friday, January 20, 2017

MOTUS Special Twilight Nocturne Lounge: the Deplorable Inaugural Edition

Come on in and join the celebration!  The Occupation is over; our long national nightmare has come to an end. Welcome to Day One of MAGA!

motus TNL MAGA-bar

As it’s been a long time since we’ve had occasion to celebrate with genuine revelry I’m throwing a pent-up-demand-on-steroids party.

There will be food:

caviar3First scandal of the  Trump administration: RUSSIAN caviar?!

there will be beverage:


And there will be song:

At Last, Phoebe Snow

“We are in heaven, because you are mine at last”

And we will party all day and well into the night.

As to the snowflakes who have opted out of today’s festivities in favor of bitterly clinging to their ‘antipathy to people who aren't like them’ I have this shoutout: “I feel your pain.”  Hope that makes them feel better, knowing that the deplorables actually have feelings after all. For them, I dedicate this song:

Lonely Teardrops, Michael McDonald

I would have used the original Jackie Wilson version but having Michael McDonald drown in his own tears seemed to add a little something to today’s sense of well deserved schadenfreude.

So party on my wonderful, irredeemable deplorables because…

Time Has Come Today

Time has come today young hearts can go
Their way can't put it off another day
I don't care what others say they say we
Don't listen anyway time has come today, hey

The room has changed today I have no place to stay
I'm thinking about the subway my love has blown away
My tears have come and gone oh, Lord I got to run

phoenix rising from ashesLike a Phoenix rising from the ashes…we Will make America Great Again

Thank you God, and God bless America

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