Monday, January 16, 2017

Suggestion For the POOP People: MoveOn.Org

U.S. civil rights activists vowed on Saturday to defend hard-fought gains in voting rights and criminal justice during the presidency of Donald Trump, kicking off a week of protests ahead of the Republican's inauguration. – Reuters

From a silly “Cough-In” at one of Trump’s restaurants to John Lewis’s declaration that he would be skipping the inauguration in protest, to Rosie O’Donnell’s plan to swear John McCain in as an emergency interim president, the Left was hard at work organizing against America this week. Their one remaining grievance – that butt for Russia we would be preparing to inaugurate America’s first female Communist president - doesn’t seem to be getting any traction. Therefore there will be more organized protests to demonstrate how illegitimate Donald Trump’s presidency is. HuffPo has even gone to the trouble to consolidate the dozens of officially sanctioned protests scheduled for Inauguration Day.

It all makes my head spin and makes be begin to believe that Al Sharpton’s famous Ms.NBC tongue entanglement

“resist we much!” was less malapropism and more Freudian slip.

In any event, having been subjected to this barrage of manufactured, packaged and distributed leftist outrage for far too long I think it is appropriate to rename their once Democratic party for them. Henceforth they shall be referred to as the Party Of Organized Protests, or POOP for short. I’ve even designed an emoji mascot for them - the Angry Poop emoticon.

angry POOP

And wow! No sooner do I announce it’s creation and BuzzFeed – that awesome fake news site that brought you the complete Golden Rain Dossier is all over this hot steaming pile of POOP, offering no fewer than 24 Emoji POOP gifts just in time for Inauguration Day.

Butt once again China seems to have cornered the market: they are offering POOP emojis in bulk from Chinese manufacturing company Yangzhou - with additional features available - through Alibaba (China’s Amazon) for as little as $.85! 

poop pillowAlibaba’s version comes with suction cups: so you can hang your POOP anywhere.

They’re available on America’s version of Alibaba (Amazon) for $9.95. Could it be that Trump is right about China taking advantage of us after all? And if he’s right about that what else might he be right about? Not that his detractors care, they’re too busy spreading their POOP, trying to keep the country moving, to the left.

Sorry, POOP people, we’re going to MAGA. May I politely suggest you MoveOn.Org?


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