Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wolves Don’t Care About The Opinions of Sheep

Boycotted by Hollywood, boycotted by House Democrats, plotted against by anti-Trump activists to disrupt your inaugural and now this: The U.S. “Press Corps” issues a threat to the incoming President. Here’s the gist of it:


As with most stompy foot tantrums this one goes on and on:

All of this, of course, is your choice and, in a way, your right. While the Constitution protects the freedom of the press, it doesn’t dictate how the president must honor that; regular press conferences aren’t enshrined in the document.


And we have no problem with that if we like our shepherd.

But while you have every right to decide your ground rules for engaging with the press, we have some, too. It is, after all, our airtime and column inches that you are seeking to influence. We, not you, decide how best to serve our readers, listeners, and viewers. So think of what follows as a backgrounder on what to expect from us over the next four years. 

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, here are the press corps (or “corpse” as their current shepherd would call them) demands. Editorial comments highlighted:

  • Access is preferable, but not critical. (We’ll make our own stuff up either way)
  • Off the record and other ground rules are ours—not yours—to set. (Unlike with the previous Administration)
  • We decide how much airtime to give your spokespeople and surrogates.(See above, YANTBOM)
  • We believe there is an objective truth, and we will hold you to that. (ha! they’ve finally rediscovered objectivity!)
  • We’ll obsess over the details of government. (Another new-found skill set)
  • We will set higher standards for ourselves than ever before.(Not a real high bar, that)
  • We’re going to work together. (This time to take you out, not prop you up like the last 8 years)
  • We’re playing the long game. (We’ve noticed. Right now you’re losing.)

In other words, Mr. President Elect, “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Sheep-listenAnd I/we really, really mean it.

Do read the whole thing; it’s as if they just woke from an 8 year snooze and suddenly remembered they had a job to do. At least they are well rested. That’s good because they’re going to have to keep an eye on their flanks; there’s a new sheep herder in town and this one might turn out to be a wolf.

wolf pack

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