Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Attention College “Activists”– You ARE the Fascist You’ve Been Waiting For

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Two things today: Diversity and Resistance, in reverse order.

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First, “resistance” (h/t American Digest)

No, sorry, you aren’t a resistance, because USA is not a dictatorship. Nobody is persecuting you; none of your rights are being violated; no illegal purges enacted; no tortures and disappearances. You didn’t like the results of an election – and want to pretend it is illegitimate, because you don’t want to do the hard work of rebuilding a constituency alienated, “Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important than finding them jobs. Because you turned ‘white man’ from a description into an insult (…) Because you cried when someone mocked the Koran but laughed when they mocked the Bible. (…) Because you kept telling people, ‘You can’t think that, you can’t say that, you can’t do that’,” as Brendan O’Neill has said. Alas, the only people losing their legitimacy are you; who wear little pink hats and take off all your clothes and wander through public spaces offending friend and foe alike; who vandalize coffee shops and write little slogans misspelled on cardboard. No, you aren’t a resistance, and you don’t get to have that word. - Sorry, You’re Not a #Resistance

That of course won’t stop them from “resisting.”

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Second “diversity” – and by extension “tolerance,” or lack there of – as demonstrated by the incident at Middlebury College last week in which violence erupted in protest of the speaking appearance of Charles Murray (author of Bell Curve and Coming Apart:The State of White America, 1960-2010) resulting in the  concussion of the Leftist professor who disagreed with him but came to his defense. To say that “the campus failed in its duty to exemplify how to debate unpopular ideas with civility” is an understatement. Thomas Sowell (making a retirement appearance at American Spectator) documents the Left’s latest sophomoric antics, college division, of mind control in The Real Lessons of Middlebury College:

The moral dry rot in academia — and beyond — goes far deeper than student storm troopers at one college.

Frank Bruni of the New York Times, for example, while criticizing the rioters, lent credence to the claim that Charles Murray was “a white nationalist.” Similar — and worse — things have been said, in supposedly reputable publications, by people who could not cite one statement from any of Dr. Murray’s books that bears any resemblance to their smears.

Academia, however, is ground zero in the war against people whose ideas go against the current political correctness. The virtual monopoly of the political left, on campuses across the country, allows all sorts of things to be attributed to people the left disagrees with, irrespective of whether those people have ever said anything resembling what they are alleged to have said.

To be clear, the agitators and protestors were objecting to Charles Murray who they accused of being a “white nationalist,” (without any evidence) a racist, (without evidence) a sexist, (without any evidence) and a homophobe (without any evidence). They viewed their role as the “Resistance” (see above) to Charles Murray’s “fascism” (for which they had no evidence).

Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush yesterday, explained emphatically why they are NOT the resistance:

When you’re beating up a middle-aged female professor and sending her to the hospital  -  you’re the fascist.”

a-boot-stamping-on-a-human-faceIf you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. – Orwell

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