Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day: And All Is Well

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

st pat's doggie_thumb[3]From a little bull in the grass

Today it is quite alright to be green, But please do so responsibly. Overindulging could have serious consequences:

Meanwhile, “things dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day” – which doesn’t belong and why?  


st pat's cat2

mo st patrick partySt_ Patricks Day Bears_

And finally, I give you a tune aired every St. Patrick’s Day on Detroit’s iconic J.P. McCarthy’s morning drive time radio show: WHY PADDY'S NOT AT WORK TODAY. Also known by several different titles this Pat Cooksey classic was a centerpiece of J. P.’s annual St. Patrick’s Day morning extravaganza held in the lobby of the Fisher Theatre and playing host to celebrities, corporate CEOs and politicians (of both parties, since this occurred in the good old days). Performed here by Leggos.

Have a great day; I’m off to get the ingredients to make Carlyle’s Irish Soda Bread.

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