Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Donuts

“I think it’s clear mainstream media needs to do a better job of reporting on rural America.”Chuck Todd, NBC News

Despite the fact that Stella was a blockbuster - dropping up to 4 feet of snow along with wind gusts over hurricane force throughout  many rural areas in the East -  you haven’t heard much about it.

C6-iWskWsAUxIsa.jpg small“Where’s the snowblower?” “Right outside the door, honey.”

That’s primarily due to the fact that New York City was spared. And despite what Chuck Todd said everybody knows that NYC is the epicenter of the country and nothing outside it’s borders matters all that much.

new_yorker_flyover_country_cover_1-15-16Not much has changed since 1976 in that regard H/T Ed Driscoll

Unless of course you actually allow those rural hicks to vote, in which case they might just elect somebody like Donald J. Trump. Chuck Todd blames himself:

“We may have reported on it statistically, but we didn’t do that person-to-person stuff. . . . Then you would get an idea, oh, these little towns, this opioid crisis, it’s connected to this lack of employment, which is connected to the lack of educational opportunities, which is connected to — then all of a sudden you realize, no wonder these people are so pissed off, and no wonder they think everyone has abandoned them. Their town looks abandoned.”

But thank goodness - we’ve still got judicial overreach to step in when the MSM disagrees with the President’s actions. 

Anyway, back to the snow; have you run out of ideas on where to put it all? Here’s a creative, and at the same time practical, use for all that white powder that has to be cleared away:


Photo by Christopher Boffoli, a fine art, commercial and editorial photographer.

Sometimes Mother Nature makes them on her own:

sno donutssometimes she needs a little help. Either way, who doesn’t like powdered donuts?

powdered donuts

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