Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bill O’Reilly: This Is Your Life. Don’t Be a Pinhead.

The short history of Bill O’Reilly:

Alter boy,


college student,

college bill o

history teacher,


cub reporter,

bill  wfaa

Jr. reporter, bill o 2

foreign correspondent,

bill o nicuarga

Sr. reporter,bill o 5

tabloid-gossip show anchor,

bill o 3

Fox News anchor,


best selling author,


and an inspiration to many in the industry.

o'reilly colbert

Today’s talking points memo: if you are even a smidge right of center be prepared to live an exemplary life. I don’t know if O’Reilly is guilty of all the sins he’s charged with or not but he’s probably guilty of something, aren’t we all? What I do know is that the Progressive Left is sworn to take out any influential people not on their team. Therefore if you give them the least little thing to work with you will go down in the flames of ignominy.

“Ignominy” – do you know what that means, pinhead?


So keep it pithy, the O’Reilly Factor is about to enter the no-spin zone.


Henceforth known as “the No’Reilly zone.” You need not ask “who’s looking out for you?” anymore because it’s more like “who’s coming for you?”

killing O'Reilly

As it turns out, you can explain it. Pretty simple really, don’t be a pinhead.

billo can't explain

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