Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Walking the Dog

They don’t call it the “Stupid Party” for nothing. Republicans ran 11 – that’s right, one short of a dozen – candidates against a good looking 30 year old Anyone But Trump Democrat; what kind of a strategy is that?


Despite the Republicans best efforts Mr. Ossoff, a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker (slacker) failed to win the majority vote required to avoid a runoff. Funded by deep pockets ($8 million) from around the country (97% from outside the district) and with the support of high profile celebrities it was an awfully close race for a district that’s been solidly Republican since Jimmy Carter.

The special election Tuesday to fill a Georgia House seat has drawn staggering sums of money, a barrage of advertisements and the intervention of the president as Democrats attempt to win a seat that Republicans have held since 1979. - WSJ

Especially given that Ossoff doesn’t actually live in the district he ran in - although Hillary established long ago that’s not a requirement for Dems. Nor is it required, as a rule, to vote Democratic.

GA illegal vote

You can’t blame them for being angry – they’ve traveled a long way to vote in this election and this has never happened to them before!

trump illegal popular votes

Regardless of the outcome the Legacy Media will portray this as a referendum against President Trump (This Georgia special election is all about Donald Trump). Because the Democrats always claim some sort of moral victory in their losses, unlike Republicans who seem more committed to the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Of course the MSM meme seems a bit lame given President Trump’s gentle reminders that his robo-calling and tweets to get out the Republican vote out probably prevented Ossoff’s outright victory.

trump tweets ga election

I will grant you that the President is a very effective PR/marketing director for the Republican party,

trump GA

But does he have to do everything himself?

self-walking-dogIt’s okay, I’ll just take myself for a walk.

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