Monday, April 17, 2017

Flags and Swags and Weaponized Eggs

Did you see the latest Berkeley confrontation? Or as some wag called it: Worst. Renaissance Fair. Ever.  Alternately called the Flags


vs the Swags:berkeley protestor

Ostensibly it was a Pro-Trump rally accosted by a group of Fascists –who call themselves Anti-Fascists, “Antifa” for short,– protesting Trump’s failure to release his tax returns. Because apparently the “Russia, Russia, Russia!” meme has run its course so we’re back to tax returns.

As one might have suspected when a group of thugs dressed up like ISIS show up to confront a group consisting of a of a lot of ex-military,

antifaBlack hoodies and bandana masks: standard Antifa issue

wedgies broke out.

antifawedgieEx-Marine gives an Antifa a wedgie he won’t forget 

While police did manage to arrest about 20 people, they mostly tried to manage the crowd with poles and mesh fencing:

mesh fence berkeleyThat should work…now stay on your own side!

And when questioned about their lack of involvement, they referred the reporter to Community Relations, because that’s where crowd control decisions are made these days:

Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer documented the violent clashes on Twitter, and at one point spoke to a pair of police officers near a squad car away from the demonstration.

'Hey, how come you guys are hanging back?' he asked an officer standing in an open door of the car and another sat in the back seat.

'That would be a question for the chief of police,' the cop sitting in the car replied.

'It sounds like you want a public statement, right?' the officer stood to the side then said. 'I would refer you to our public information officer.' – Daily Mail


thin blue line

Suffice to say the thin Blue line is getting even thinner in places like Berkely.

Although the police were allowed to specify official entrance points at which certain riot items would be confiscated:

instrument of riot it's come to thisNo bricks, rocks or eggs…what? Eggs!!?

Of course that assumes that all the peaceful protestors were compliant and chose to use the designated entrance and egress points rather than sneak across those foreboding mesh snow fences.

37_309_195_24 foam mini easter egg missilesEVA-foam-Throwing-rocket-missile-launcher-toyBe on the lookout for weaponized Easter Eggs

Time to choose sides. Please choose responsibly.


The world is filled with far more dangerous projectiles than Easter eggs.

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