Friday, July 21, 2017

FLOTUS Friday July 21

I’ve been having mega computer problems this week  - in that it refuses to connect/stay connected to any of our wireless networks, although every other device in the house is working just fine, so no, not a router issue. So…you will need to do the heavy lifting today as I am reporting from an alien computer that hates me because I’m white.

melania in parisMelania, first year of the first term, totally managing the whole FLOTUS thing

Michelle_Obama_crossed legsMichelle, first year of the first term, totally rocking the whole, uh, whatever…

If anyone is aware of a fix for my hardware problem please advise. Otherwise I’m going to have to continue working with this alien computer until such time as mine either receives a proper H1B visa or is deported.

Carry on troops.

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